Sustainability Action

This term, we have identified many little things that contribute significantly to the CO2 emissions and hence, global warming. Some of our students have started to think about little things that they could do to make our world just that little bit better.

Please see the comments for some of these ideas. Well done 5B!

13 thoughts on “Sustainability Action

  1. Green thumb day
    Plant your tree day
    – At the park/ garden
    I think I might take action on green thumb day because the council keep chopping down trees I would go to Jacksons creek or the garden and make a sign about plant your tree day and plant a cherry blossoms tree because the public would think that it is pretty and not chop it down
    From Alana

  2. Dear mr A,
    I think another thing I can do is get my whole family to plant a tree each in the backyard so that it soaks up the carbon we produce.
    From Ella

  3. I think we should stop wasting electricity by not keeping all the lights on at once or in the morning only use them when you need them.

  4. Hey mr A,
    I would like to create a stepathon kind of day at school and try to get other people to walk to school more often. Then less cars should be used.
    From Ruby

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