9-9:30 Independent Reading.

9:30-10 We will understand how to interpret and complete reading comprehension questions.
Read one of the magazine articles below and answer the questions from the magazine in groups.

NAPLAN magazine

NAPLAN Question booklet

10-10:30 We will follow the writer’s cycle to develop an engaging text.
Independent Writing on a project of your choice.

10:30-11 ONLY if you have time or need something extra to do…. Complete the first 3 questions on the soundwaves sheet attached. We will be doing this together tomorrow. Image below.

11:30-11:45 Play 5B buzz. By 3’s, by 2’s, by 0.2’s. Make your own!

11:45-1:30 We will identify our personal weaknesses and set goals to achieve these.
Students to work on their maths goals while completing week 3 revision on maths online.

2:20-3:20 Students to investigate ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney and take notes of the main ideas. Record websites and main facts + some details or pictures in explain everything.
During the reflection time, discuss student findings in your group and talk about how we know that the information is reliable.

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