Responding to texts

Text response checklist
1 Star 2 Star 3 Star
Share ideas Clear point of view Make text to self, text and world connections during the discussion
Share my point of view Uses language from the text Clarifies the opinions of others by asking questions
Listens to other’s ideas


Talk about the views of others Evaluate the opinions of others
Interact with others



Above is the checklist for your discussion. To score more stars, you have to contribute more to the conversation. See above for details.

Below are some questions to guide your discussion. You may also use some questions from the sheet I have given you.

What does this text remind you of?

Was the character justified in acting he way they did?

What would you do in the same scenario?

Have you ever faced anything like this? Has anyone you know?

Did you like this text and why?

Can you say that the character’s actions were wrong?

Enjoy your conversation!!!

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