Achievement and Success


Our tree of success. Every leaf is an achievement that the students have experienced in their life. Each student had four leaves each and were able to choose their colour of leaf.

7 thoughts on “Achievement and Success

  1. Hi Mr Andrea, I enjoyed doing the tree of success.

    I can’t find Lord Piggington on this blog. I have a joke….
    What do you call a karate pig?
    A pork Chop!

    • Hi Chloe

      I am laughing very loudly at your fantastic joke. Thank you for letting me know about the tree of success also. It certainly looks good and is very encouraging for all of us.

      Get Mum and Dad to read this next bit…. Lord Piggington uses a program called “flash” and I believe this does not work on Apple computers. Lord Piggington lives on the main screen on the right hand side. If you are NOT using an apple computer, you may need to ask Mum and Dad to UPDATE YOUR ADOBE FLASH PLAYER.

      I’ll let Lord Piggington know that you were attempting to keep him company. I will also feed him an apple for you. Thanks Chloe.

  2. Mr Andrea
    thanks for the certificate. I’ve been working on that goal for a long time AND NOW I’VE ACHIEVED IT.

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