Inquiry Learning

We are studying push and pull as part of our term 4 Inquiry learning. In a process of trial and error, students will attempt to produce a car that contains its own push or pull. The idea is that students will realise that by improving wheels and axel design and by adjusting weight, the car will move more efficiently and conserve kinetic energy.

As a way of encouraging independence, students are asked to collect tools and materials required for their unique design and bring it to school. Students have been learning these concepts and thinking about their design in class.

Mr Andrea

15 thoughts on “Inquiry Learning

  1. Hi Mr Andrea, I thought Inquiry learning was really fun. By the way I found someone with the same name as you – Jayden Smith. He is in the movie Karate Kid

  2. Hi Chloe. Thanks for messaging about the inquiry lesson today. You were all such fantastic researchers for your first goes. I was very impressed!

  3. OOps, that was meant to be Jaden. However we know someone called Jayden Lee – He is our friends brother. He lives in America. He is 32…..

  4. Hi Mr Andrea,
    I loved the inquiry and I also need to keep looking for some on who IS OLDER THAN YOU!!! OK now you know that there might be someone older than you i think.

    • Oh dear! You know that I will require your evidence Mr Oliver. I am pleased you are enjoying our Inquiry. You are all certainly talking the talk!!

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