The world is filled with angles (lines or arms that come together into a vertex) and we are going to find some of them. Go out and find some angles in our schoolyard, photograph them and leave a comment that describes the most interesting angles you found. Were they big or small?

Angles have arms and a vertex, and that size of the angle is the amount of turn required for one arm to coincide with the other.


Hi Everyone.

Today, we are going to learn about flexibility and why it’s important for athletic performance and general health.

Many of us have a favourite sport. Some of these sports require athletes to be more flexible than others. Gymnastics for example, requires a higher degree of flexibility than Shot Put or Discuss. Does this mean that strength athletes do not need to think about their flexibility?

The following article describes why this idea is incorrect. Follow the link, have a read and comment with your idea of whether flexibility is only required in specific sports.

Flexibilty, as explained by Harvard University.

Today, we are going to measure our flexibility, the following link shows you how to complete flexibility testing for various motions. Using rulers, tape measures or any way you can think of, measure your flexibility using the following tests.

– V Sit test

– Groin flexibility test

– Calf muscle flexibility test

Test explanations link.

Record your results in numbers in an organised way using precise measurements. If you don’t have any formal units to measure, you may use informal units and then convert at a later date. 


Practice stretching for every day for 2 weeks. See if you can improve your flexibility. It only takes 15 minutes!!!

You can find out if you’ve improved by repeating the tests again in  2 weeks, entering your data and comparing.

Various websites show you how to complete stretching but the following is the Victorian Government’s guide to make it safe for you.

Stretching: How to do it?

Today when I’m away.

12:30 Onwards: Please do the following…

1: Complete maths online revision sets or uncompleted tasks that you are working on. Evaluate your goal and set a new one if required. Ask for teacher help where appropriate.

Work in small groups to achieve goals that seem hard for you or you keep getting wrong. Teacher help and modelling may be required for this. TRY FOR 100% the second time through.


2: Practice your spelling words using the tools on the soundwaves website (your login is in your diary).

3: Undertake in some narrative writing following the writer’s cycle. WRITE A STORY!!!

4: Make a list of all of the activities that you do outside of school that take you into the local community.

Happy New Year!!!

Dear 5B

Welcome back to school everyone. While summer holidays are over, summer certainly isn’t and we have lots of learning to do together over the next few WARM weeks. Please remember to bring your hat to school in preparation for the new year.

Also, please remember you iPads and ensure that they are fully charged and ready to go.

Thank you all for your wonderful letters that gave me lots of information about you all, including hobbies, interests, goals and doubts.

While for some of you, this is your first year being a student of mine, please remember that you have already succeeded with a new teacher more than 5 times in your life!!! Some, many more if you include extra curricular activities.

Best wishes for the next stage of your learning journey as senior members of NGPS.

See you all tomorrow.

Mr A.

Sustainability Action

This term, we have identified many little things that contribute significantly to the CO2 emissions and hence, global warming. Some of our students have started to think about little things that they could do to make our world just that little bit better.

Please see the comments for some of these ideas. Well done 5B!


HI Guys

We have been talking about the benefits of feedback and how it can improve our learning. Today, we are going to reach out to a public classroom blog and the individual student blogs within and try to connect with them.

This will involve visiting their blog, reading their public posts and leaving two stars and a link for them to spark further interest in this subject. For instance, one student has made a post about fire and its risks. Do we have something that we could link them to that might help them learn more. We are from Australia after all.

You will also need to leave an invitation for them to visit your own blog and learning community. LINK!!!!

As you read, you will notice that the first link has six year old students and are not used to the sort of language that we use to comment. As such, think about your audience and use synonyms that are simpler than those you would normally use.

Lets see if we can get them to reply.

Miss Cassidy’s blog



Today’s program

Hi Guys, here is the program for today.

9:30- 10 Independent Reading or narrative completion. You choose! No Inquiry work yet!

Student award certificates are on my conference table face down until the winners are announced at assembly. Congratulations to the two students.

11:30-12:30 Commenting and responding to comments on learning community Blogs. Great quality with good positive feedback.

12:30-1:30 Working on your own Blog post for this week, keeping in mind that we are now able to picture link, tag and explain our post. Suggestions for a post this week: Graphing, picture story books, specialist work, Inquiry speaker.

2:20-3:20 Work on publishing your graph from yesterday with percentages, fractions and decimals. Make sure you have a great title and it is clear what your increments are down the Y axis.

If you finish anything, begin planning your house design using the dimensions of the shoebox you have brought in. One box per group. You need to have identified which way faces north on  your block! Use google maps to demonstrate this on your explain everything presentation.

Refer to the following link to guide you through the design process.

Your Home